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Department overview

Research groups

  • Animal Evolution & Systematics Group (AES)
  • Biogeography/ ecology and economics of marine and freshwater algae
  • Bolus Herbarium (BOL)
  • Bryophyte evolution and ecology
  • Ecophysiology of plant responses to pollution and global change and plant nutrition
  • Entomology Research Group
  • Invertebrate Bioactive Compounds Research Group
  • Marine Biology Researchers are closely associated with the Ma-Re Institute, an inter-departmental/inter-faculty unit whose principal focus is marine research that underpins teaching, training, capacity development and consultancy activities
  • Palaeobiology Research Group
  • FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology (PFIAO) - a DST/NRF Centre of Excellence
  • Plant Conservation Unit (PCU)
  • Plant molecular systematics, angiosperm biosystematics
  • Plant population, community and reproductive ecology
  • Systematics, floristics, biogeography and evolutionary biology of the unique Cape Floral Kingdom and its response to different land use practices
  • Weed Biological Control Group
  • Wood physiology and hydraulics

For a full list of the department's research outputs, check under Botany and Zoology departments
in the latest faculty report (2013-14): Science Faculty Research Report.

Entrance to John Day Building (left) and view of HW Pearson Building (right) on University Avenue, UCT Upper Campus