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Associate Professor Muthama Muasya

Phone: 021 650 3725 
Room No.: 3.18.2 (HW Pearson Building)








My career began in Kenya, where I was a Research Scientist at the National Museums of Kenya (1993-2008). I have a BSc and MPhil from Moi University (Kenya), PhD from University of Reading (UK), and postdoctoral stints at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (UK), Rutgers University (USA) and KU Leuven (Belgium). I am a Senior Lecturer (since 2006) teaching courses in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology and my research is predominantly on Angiosperm Systematics.

Research Interests

  • Cypereceae: taxonomy and conservation; phylogenetics and biogeography; genome evolution
  • The taxonomy, speciation and macroevolution of the Cape flora with current focus on Cyperaceae and Fabaceae
  • Wetland diversity and sustainable extraction of macrophytes
  • The origin, diversity and utilization of the African savanna biome

Ongoing research collaborations

Floral ontogeny and inflorescence development in Cyperaceae
Co-researchers: Dr A. Vrijdaghs (KU Leuven), Prof P. Geotghebeur and research team (Ghent University); webpagina's/alex_vrijdaghs.html

Cyperaceae floristics, monography and family level systematics
Co-researchers: Dr D. Simpson (Royal Botanic Gardens Kew), Prof J. Bruhl (University of New England);

Genome evolution in Cyperales
Co-researchers: Prof P. Bures (Masaryk University), and team of Cyperologists from Australia, Belgium, America.

Fabaceae evolution (including role of rhizobia and ecology) and molecular systematics
Co-researchers: Dr S. Chimphango (UCT), Prof C. Stirton (UCT), Prof JI Sprent (University of Dundee), Dr E James (James Hutton Institute)

Research students

Postdoctoral (current)
B. Lemaire: Evolutionary history of bacterial root symbiosis in Cape legumes

Postdoctoral (recent)
B Gerhke: Are the mode of chromosome rearrangement and inflorescence structure influencing the evolution of Cariceae? An analysis of Schoenoxiphium (Cyperaceae)

Doctoral (current)
P. Maistry (co-supervised with S Chimphango, A. Valentine): Effect of enhanced P acquisition strategies on symbiotic N2-fixation in indigenous legumes adapted to the low P soils of the Cape Floristic Region.

K. Bauters (co-supervised with P. Goetghebeur, Ghent University): A morphological, phylogenetic and taxonomical study of the genus Scleria.

Doctoral (recently graduated)
T. Terer (co-supervised with L. Treist Vrije Universiteit Brussel): Sustainable harvesting and resilience of Cyperus papyrus resources in wetlands communities of Kenya. 2011.

G. Mwachala (co-supervised with E. Fischer, University of Koblez): Systematic and ecological studies of Dracaena (Dracaenaceae) in tropical Africa. 2005.

Masters by dissertation (current)
D. Basic (co-supervised with S Chimphango): Phosphorus uptake in cluster root and non-cluster root forming species indigenous to the Cape Floristic Region

R. Munyai (co-supervised with S Chimphango): Are old monotypic lineages ecologically and genetically impoverished?

O. Dlodlo (co-supervised with S Chimphango): characterization of rhizobia isolated from nodules of indigenous legumes and their effect on host plant distribution in the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa,

J. Viljoen (co-supervised with T Verboom): Edaphic Ecology and the Evolution of the Sedges in the Cape Flora

A. Tshiila (co-supervised with S Chimphango): Systematics of Ficinia clade (Cyperaceae)

Masters by dissertation (recently graduated)
M. Dludlu (co-supervised with S Chimphango): Systematics of Psoraleeae. 2010

F. Corry (co-supervised with J. Day): Macrophytes in wetland health. 2011.

P. Musili (co-supervised with L. Newton, Kenyatta University): Taxonomy of Cyperus rotundus complex. 2007.

G. Ngugi (co-supervised with L. Newton, Kenyatta University): Ethnobotany of Kiang'ombe Hill. 2007.

A. Ahmed (co-supervised with E. Omino Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology): Taxonomy of some Commiphora in E. Africa. 2004.

P. Segawa, (co-supervised with E. Kakudidi, Makerere University): The diversity and distribution of sedges in selected Important Bird Areas in Uganda. 2002.

Publications include:


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Book article

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