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Mr Desmond Barnes

Senior Technical Officer - Plant Propagation Facility 
Phone: 021 650 2437 
Room No.: 3.05 (HW Pearson Building)





The Plant Propagation Unit is housed in the HW Pearson Building in University Ave.

It consists of 3 Glasshouses, a Phytotron Unit, an Aquarium, Walk-in Deepfreezer, 3 Constant Temperature rooms at 40C, 100C and 25oC, a Soils Lab, a Phytotron Preparation Lab, a plant Growth room, a De-Ionise water treatment plant, a Millipore water treatment plant, a distilled water treatment plant and the Fynbos gardens in front and at the rear of the HW Pearson building.

The Glasshouses are situated on level 2 in the HW Pearson building, Residence Road and Ring Road near the University Nursery.

The Departmental Glasshouse is primarily used for undergraduate experimental work, the Residence Road Glasshouse for postgraduate Research and the Ring Road Glasshouse to house and propagate a rare selection of succulent plants from around the world.